Monoi Tiki Tahiti – Pitate (Jasmine) 120ml

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The Pitate flower is Tahitian Jasmine. Known as Pikake in Hawaiian, a lei made of Pitate is the most wonderfully fragrant of all flower leis made anywhere in Polynesia. The Pitate flower is a small ivory petalled round flower, the size of a large pearl, that is highly fragrant, powerful and evocative.

Created in the 1970’s, Pitate is the STRONGEST of the Monoi fragrances without being overpowering. Its exotic smell will feel like a perfume to the wearer.

Supremely sensual, exotic, intoxicating and rich, wear at your own risk.

The dried Tiare flower in this bottle is a trademark of Parfumerie Tike and is there to show that this product is the real monoi.

Shelf life is 30 months while closed and 12 months once opened

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